Our Team in San Francisco Bay Area specializes in investment properties . Our background in architecture, interior design, land acquisition and development has been helping our clients turn their purchases not only into their own homes but into great investments.


Morgan was born and raised in Hong Kong. After graduating from University of California Berkeley with a degree of Environmental Design and a minor in Business Administration, he worked as a Project Architect in Los Angeles for a number of years before permanently residing in San Francisco.

Morgan is a realtor and a licensed architect in California. He understands how architecture and real estate development are strongly related to create meaningful spaces and sustainable communities. He has helped clients from land acquisition through entitlement to construction process. In his free time, Morgan likes to travel around the world with family and friends, where he learns his home design and renovation ideas.


Martin is a licensed broker & a loan originator. He is also an International Associate at the American Institute of Architects. After working for 15 years in managing his team in architecture, he decided to join his friend, Morgan to build M Square. He believes that the integration of these practices will bring more value to his clients.

Martin enjoys crossfit and oil on canvas painting. He is also active in helping the housing for the elderly people in Galilee Home.