Realtor Client Testimonials

Our clients' trust and appreciation of our work helps us take real estate sales to a different level of sophistication and professionalism.


"They are very knowledgable on property buying process and the most important part are their responses which are extremely quick; If you have any request or concern, they will get back to you within seconds or minutes. "

Rebecca Cheng

"Had a great experience with Team M Square. They are very easy to chat with and clearly knows their profession's ins and outs. M Square are also a very good people who will look after their client's best interest."

John Kao

"M Square are great agents. They are knowledgeable about the market conditions and are great negotiators, They are always available to answer questions or concerns and are very thorough. They are also architects so they are knowledgeable about house renovation ideas, their costs and potential impact on the house value!"

Donald Schrader

"Great customer service is hard to come by these days; however, M Square has restored our hope. They are engaged, responsive (quick, when responding to questions), They are honest, and professional in all respects."


I highly recommend M Square to who is looking for a realtor. As a first time home buyer, we had countless questions about the market/process of buying a home in the bay area. We appreciate how Morgan replies to e-mails really quickly and make sure things go smoothly. He is extremely knowledgeable of the area and treats you like his one and only client. One thing that really makes Morgan stand out is that he is also an architect, so he can give you a lot of advice about quality of the buildings and suggestions for remodel. Thanks Morgan for all the help. We are glad to work with him and would recommend him to all our friends and relatives

Cinderella Lee

We've had such great experience with Morgan and his team! Morgan sold our condo in downtown Oakland and I can't speak highly enough of his professionalism, skill and integrity. Morgan and his team didn't only help us manage rather complicated pre-sale renovations but also took care of EVERYTHING. They worked incredibly hard at "pre-sales" before the listing went up, so that when it was listed we got multiple offers within days and went to a bidding war. We ended up getting nearly way over list price. They are incredible!! I wouldn't use anybody else for my future sales.

Petar Banusha

In short, I wouldn't have gotten my offer accepted if I didn't work with Morgan. He was excellent understanding the local market and secured offer acceptance. I enjoyed working with him and would definitely use him again and recommend to other buys (or sellers)

Saba Bayanzai

Morgan from Team M square is a very hardworking, energetic, reliable agent. He did a great job with assisting my husband and I in buying our second home. Morgan took the time to sit with us, authentically listen to what we wanted and what our budget was. He has excellent connections so when we needed certain things done ie, inspection; he was able to find us quality but affordable service. Morgan is very knowledgeable in his field and the fact that he's an Architect brings another dimension to his experience with design and construction when choosing homes. He is truly an expert when it comes to dealing. He got us a great deal for our new home, making sure we knew exactly what was going on and most importantly that we were comfortable with any agreements. Morgan keeps you motivated, as the market can be tough. He gave us encouragement to keep going when we had challenges. He supported us in overcoming barriers to help relieve the stress of buying a home. He is very dependable, even when he had to travel overseas for business, he kept all communications open with us, responded promptly and gave us any updates immediately. Overall, Morgan is a professional agent, pleasant, and down to earth. He works hard and makes sure his customers are satisfied. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Joan Chen

Morgan has been helping me managing my CA property for the past 4 years. He handles every detail from before marketing property assessment, upgrade, advertisement, showing, tenant selection, contract negotiation and follow up survey with such professional expertise and earnest attitude. Each time, the tenants became his clients! What i appreciate the most is that fact that although my property is quite small compared with his usual clients, he helps me and my tenants, the "small clients" with the same thoughtfulness and personal attention that he serves his clients with more profitable contacts. I highly recommend his service to everyone.

Lawrence Au

Morgan is detail-oriented and responsive. He is easy-going, so I feel very open in sharing my requirements and concerns. He is always able to provide quality properties, whether move-in ready or not. He is very good at working within a certain budget as well: from time to time, he might recommend properties that seemed 'random'; upon visiting, however, one may discover compromises and other simple changes that can be made after move-in. If one is willing to listen, he will share his ideas and suggestions. He is also extremely adept at investing in certain areas and properties as well; definitely a good trait to have. Responsiveness is one of my major requirements; Morgan did not disappoint. Ask a specific question, and he will provide an honest answer within hours. When I made an offer to our first house, I did not have high hope. Morgan worked closely with the seller's agent (whom he knew), and it was a done deal within a month. I have heard stories where other agents worked with their clients for months and months (if not year) to find a new house. As selective as I was, Morgan quickly understood the requirements, and everything - from initial contact to closing - was done within 16 weeks. Thank you very much Morgan.

Aaron Haningan

Morgan was an excellent agent. When we were looking at houses, whenever a house came on the market that I was interested in, Morgan and I would discuss the pros & cons then decide quickly if we were going to put an offer on it. Morgan and I got to know the East Bay very well. The market was strong and competitive, so you had to act fast if you wanted a chance at it. We went through many offers and houses before we got lucky and we believe you will get the house you are meant to have. The deal wasn't easy for Morgan either because I had a FHA loan which is dependent on the appraisal value. The offer was higher than the appraisal so we had some tough negotiating, which Morgan handled masterfully and we walked away with the house and both parties were satisfied with the deal. The process of buying a house can be tricky and daunting, but Morgan made the experience fun, positive and as painless as possible. His passion for architecture enhances his real estate skills and you can tell he is invested in helping you to find a home. I recommend Morgan as an agent to all my friends looking for houses and he has helped some of them find their home. They have all had similar and wonderful experiences working with Morgan, he is a 5+ star agent in my book!

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